Blood Feud© is a medical educational game: BloodFeud was developed by the Creative Gaming and Simulation team project team:

Dr. Rasha Morsi and Michael Westbrook (as part of his masters thesis), and Bratislav (BaTo) Cvijetic.


Blood Feud©:


Some information on how the medicines work was provided by Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters’ (CHKD) doctors and nurses.

Special thanks go to Dr. William Owen, Director of the Hematology Program, Dr. Linda Pegram, and Ms. Joanne Latimer, RN at the Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at CHKD in Norfolk, VA, USA.

Special thanks also go to Kareem Ibrahim for helping us test the game. And last but not least, thanks to Myrna Ibrahim for being the inspiration for the game idea. Myrna (15) was diagnosed with chronic ITP at age 5 and continues to receive the IVIG treatments at CHKD every month.

[Blood Feud© is optimized for the iPod Touch and iPhone.]

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