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Walk through the Astronomy door and find yourself in space! Learn about the solar system and galaxies. iASTRO is a 3D educational app developed to supplement high school Astronomy. It is intended as a resource for students and provides a fun way to learn through interactive visualization. 


    • walk into space through the door labeled Astronomy and learn about the solar system and galaxies
    • move between galaxies using the menu
    • selecting 'back to home' takes you back to the solar system
    • learn about the solar system and its planets by clicking on the planet of interest or select planets from the menu and choose from there
    • while in the planet menu, selecting explore mode takes you to the rotating view of the solar system
    • all content is VA Standards of Learning (SOL) content.

iASTRO was developed through a partnership between the Creative Gaming and Simulation lab at Norfolk State University (NSU) and WHRO Education. It is made possible by an Enhancing Education Through Technology competitive grant from the Virginia Department of Education.

iASTRO was developed by Norfolk State University project team:

Dr. Rasha Morsi, Bratislav (BaTo) Cvijetic, Cory Hornsby, and Michael Chase

WHRO Education project team:

Mitzi Fehl and Meagan Taylor-Booth

Real images of planets and galaxies were acquired from the NASA multimedia resource site:


SOL content was developed by VA educators through WHRO Education. 

[iASTRO is optimized for the iPad.]